Terms & Privacy

COCO-MAT.bike Rental Regulations

The tenant must provide identification
The bike will remain the property of the company at all times. Resale or sublease is prohibited. The tenant is liable at all times for compliance with the lease regulations.
The owner is not responsible for any accidents that occur during the use of the bike.
When the tenant leaves the bike unattended, the use of a lock is always recommended to avoid possible theft.
The tenant must state that he has inspected the bike before departure and that he has received it without any damage, including the brakes and gears that are working properly. The tenant undertakes to return the bike to the condition in which it was received. All repair costs must be paid in cash by the tenant upon return of the bike.
In case of theft or loss of the bicycle, the tenant is charged the amount of 950 EUR (per bicycle).


COCO-MAT.bike collects your data to secure legal transaction during excursion or bicycle rental.
COCO-MAT.bike does not intend to sell or use any of your personal data.
After renting a bike or your trip, you can request that you partially or completely delete the information mentioned in this agreement.

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