Book your COCO-MAT bike ride

The Place’s team has prepared 4 amazing routes for you to choose from. Each route will provide you
the experience of cycling in Athens between historical sites or beautiful seaside landscapes.

Your bike trip will be led by an experienced guide who will provide with all the important details and
information of the locations you will be visiting.

Put your helmet on, choose your ride and cycle like a true Athenian.

September 2020

The Routes

Athens through history

Discover the centre of Athens in an eco-friendly and fun way by riding our handcrafted wooden bikes. Starting from Kerameikos station, we go to the heart of the city whilst passing through the most important and historical sites. During our tour we will mostly use the pedestrian zones around Acropolis as well as old alleys […]

Seize the day

Cycle away through the city with us, using an innovative kind of transportation: a handcrafted wooden bike. Starting from Kerameikos station, we will guide you through the centre and the suburbs on safe cycle paths until Marina Floisvos in Paleo Faliro. Marina Floisvos is considered one of the greatest yacht destinations and holds a special […]

Athens by Night

Experience Athens in a different light as we explore the city centre by night. Riding our hand crafted wooden bikes we will lead you to famous landscapes such as Acropolis area and the National Garden as the night lights come to life. We will cut through some adorable side streets and illuminated alleys. We will […]

Meet the Source

Are you curious to learn how these magnificent bikes are made? Bear witness to true craftsmanship in our Coco-Mat.bike facility. We start riding from Kerameikos station to our headquarters in Lykovrisi. Once we reach our house of wooden bikes, you will experience the Coco-Mat family hospitality. You will be given a full tour inside our […]

move with nature

Every time we sell an adult bike, we plant a tree in our Tree-Park in Attica Greece, name-tagged on behalf of the owner. Our dream is to create a big forest, where every tree has a name.